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I've finished my Swords and Sandals V2 trainer. It has a hack for everything except magicka. Everything else is hacked though. Enjoy the trainer everyonne. If you like it then +rep me on the Cheat engine forums at here


Download : here

-MEEMAN666. Enjoy it


  1. Spy2805  

    oh ye u have the best swords and sandals trainer but first plz i mean plz work the level hack i dosent work and it makes me restart k theres an improvement

  2. Anonymous  

    ONLY DO 1-48 ppl LOOK AT THIS COMMENT!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous  

    lvl hack doesn't work because you can only do it from 1 to 56 idiot.
    OOH! And Plz Make A Crazy Flasher 4 Trainer Plz Plz Plz PLZ!!!!

  4. Anonymous  

    um dude, THERES NO AGILITY HAK ON THIS TRAINER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont lie bout it man - jorge

  5. MasterJoseph  

    Yup.It's True, There is no Agility Hack.-The Guy that said only lvls from 1-56

  6. hacker101  

    yeah... can you make one with agilityy and magik hacks?

  7. how to get your agility and magik up  

    i hate looking at the comments like "NO AGILTY HACK!!!!" YOU PEOPLE R STUPID NOOBS XD... this is how you can get your magik and agilty up :P Set you stat points to like 9999. Gain a lvl and voila you have 9999 stat points to use for things :) HAPPY NOW NOOBS???

  8. Anonymous  

    make a damn agility hack man. the trainer is good overall but add agility and magicka cuz they help a lot now do ur damn job

  9. Errek  

    to:how to get ur agility up hack guy

    that 9999 stat points take forever ur not smart take too long and that is serious time. can u do 9999 cliks everyday?!

  10. Anonymous  

    don't worry about these people man. You have an awesome trainer and good willpower and endurance, atleast more than anyone on here who is complaining about something they never would have taken the time to make. I personally like the trainer, it works well and so far I haven't been bugged once and there is a way to get everything you need with it. Good job man

  11. Anonymous  

    Do you think you can make a swords and sandels 3 trainer? Thnx!

  12. Anonymous  

    plz make the agility hacks and magic.try out my trainer blader traner

  13. Anonymous  

    is it me or that trainer is just a white blank?

  14. Anonymous  

    unlike some of the complainers on here I personally like this trainer.
    I would make one for myself but i dont know where to get visual basic

  15. Anonymous  


  16. Anonymous  

    yo spy typ in the exp 1 then put it up ur self :D

  17. Anonymous  

    you should make a swords and sandals 3 trainer.

  18. Anonymous  

    swords and sandals 3 trainer ? WHY ?
    There is no swords and sandals 3

  19. Anonymous  

    the download link dont work it jus sends you to the cheat engine downloads page!!! fix it i wanna try the trainer

  20. Anonymous  

    could you fix the download link please?

  21. Anonymous  

    wtf oO. if ur just gonna throw crap at this guy about that the hack sux or anything like that. Make a trainer ur self -.- its not that hard. i can make it in like 5 min max. if u want a basic program to make trainers/hacks in, go to google and look up cheat engine. stupid fucks


  22. Anonymous  

    Stupid idiots saying theres no swords and sandals 3 are GAY there is a swords and sandals 3 n00bs

  23. Anonymous  

    If i click on downlaod, the Cheat ENgine download page comes:S

  24. Anonymous  

    Yes there is a swords and sandals 3 it is called solo ultratus

  25. Anonymous  

    why are you gonna complain about something like this. Just play the damn gamewithout cheating if u gonna complain.

  26. Anonymous  

    okkkkkkkkkkkk this is now my but holemain page noob {nodle} {author} this is not good just eat your tushi and fix it it is my but hole nOOb {nOdOl}

  27. Anonymous  

    fuck you anoymus the site is arcadeprehacks.com on page 2 of adventure under tresure cove thanks anoymus sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Anonymous  

    all noobs that complain com down to bottom so i can crush your dick in face

  29. Not a gay  

    This one sux....
    I found a working one at http://my-helper.webs.com/apps/blog/show/5071249-swords-and-sandals-ii-emperor-s-reign-full-version-trainer

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