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well to anyone who still visits the blog i'm still alive and here to say the site will most likely not be posted on anymore because i started a new website which is bigger better and has a very growing community. The site is home to the Team Binary Developement team (the dev team i'm in) as well as hacking 360, PC, and whatever! I suggest going over and joining the growing community. Also almost all of the trainers that still work are being hosted over there along with all new apps.
Also when you go over to the new site download TB APP TRACKER, as that is the application developed to distribute apps. If anyone still has Swords and Sandals 2 trainer made by me though please post it either here or on the new site so i can upload it to the TBAT.



hey everyone,

just got back from vacation and I'm releasing two new apps for ya and i've got some news/updates

1st. Before i went on vacation i had made a working stick arena ballistick trainer. Now i'm back and don't have time to fully test again so i'm not sure if everything still works (i heard XGen did some updates to stop trainers from working so i'm not sure if it had any effect on mine). If things don't work then please let me know in a comment and i'll attempt to fix it. I know a bunch of you wanted a trainer for SAB so here ya go


2nd. A month or two ago when i was starting programming with vb.net 2008 express i built this little app for fun. I released a first version and it was ok but the code was messy and some of it didn't work like i wanted. In this second version (the first version being released here) has much cleaner code and i've added a new option. If you have xbox live and an xbox 360 you'll know about the avatars. Well now you can have your avatar on your computer aswell as your Xbox. Enter your gamertag and you can look at/download your avatars entire body or your gamerpicture(if it has your avatar in it). Enjoy



As a few of you know (gothic jump and a few others from the Darket forums) for a little while now i have been working with some friends on a new website for our Dev-Team. Our dev team is called Team Binary - in which avatarDLR was built for. I am helping to run it along with the owner Cyrax, and other great devs like Dark Slipstream, Angry Koconut and others. Many posts that will be posted on here will have to do with apps or news relating to Team Binary along with the trainers and apps i make for ppt277. The Team Binary site is forums and i'm sure many users here would enjoy it.

feel free to join the TB community at Team Binary Forums

*Note: the Team Binary forums were hacked by an asshole named supermodder911. We are currently working on getting the forums back up and running so please be patient while we work on it.
**NOTE: SITE IS BACK UP!!! JOIN if you want

MORE NEWS. For those of you that care i am done programming in Visual Basic 6 and am now programming in VB.Net 2008 express (unless of course i need to go back because it has something vb.net 08 doesnt have)

-Miker525(aka Meeman666)

Hello everyone,

I know a lot of you think i have died since i havent posted in a long time but im back with major updates. I've been working on a new website which i'll be posting the link for as soon as i think it's good to go and as you can clearly see i updated this blog very much. Still more updates to the blog and site are coming so expect them soon.

Also i've been working more on some apps (a new version of x360 game-id identifier will be released and so will the source for it, and i'm working on an open source version of cheat engine in VB6 so hopefully i'll post that soon.)

I have not made a new CP trainer for those of you who were asking but Microchip123 did so for now just use his here

I should post back with an update or two within the next few days.

hey everybody,

i'm back from my 2 week vacation in Philadelphia/Lancaster and it was great. Upon arriving back home i finished a program i was working on before i left. Its not a trainer but more of a usefull tool for those of you who gamesave/hack or mod xbox 360. It's called x360 Game Id - Identifier. It generates a list of games that are currently in the systems database and when you double click on the game it will give you all the info you need to know to gamesave/hex it or whatever your doing. Currently at version 0.0.3 . Video for installing it is posted below. I built it for here and another site called Blueshadowz which is a site dedicated to xbox 360 gamesaving/hexing/modding.

For those who want new trainers you can expect them soon (although i might not be releasing a new Club Penguin Trainer as it's newest update is pretty hard to get the needed variables out of it and i'm honestly to busy now to keep trying). Other games may have a trainer built pretty soon.

Now i am starting to really get into the gamesaving/modding community so i might be posting more of that stuff on here too. I'll probably post my PS2 mod on here when i finish it and possibly some Xbox360 hacks.

Install video:

Download : 0.0.3


sorry its been so long since i last posted. I have been going through some serious computer problems and so i had to restore my computer. Along with that i have ordered a new computer. Unfortunately because of the shit that destroyed my computer all sources got destroyed so any projects i was working on are no longer being made. This does seem shitty.....because it is but i'm happy to say that i will be making and releasing a new (and hopefully not server sided) Club Penguin Trainer and a bunch of other things within the upcoming weeks. Keep checking back and i'll be sure to post new stuff as soon as i can. Sorry about losing projects that some of you were waiting for.

On another note thanks to Nick for helping me out on Prizerebel.com ! I asked in a previous post to visit http://www.prizerebel.com/index.php?r=270890 and sign up and complete about 1 points worth of stuff. This helps me a lot because i am hoping to save money by getting stuff there insted of spending my money on stuff. Others signed up but didn't complete any offers so it didn't help at all. If you can keep helping thats awesome. Thanks so much guys

I'll try to get to more of the requested games later but for now.....

Bleach Training 2 - Includes all the hacks you'll need to kick this games ass including God Mode and some other cool features.

Stickman Sam 3 - I wasn't really sure what hacks to give to this so all i gave it was god mode. Click god mode 1 time to turn it on and then again to turn it off.

I'll add some more trainers sometime before next week and keep requesting games you want hacked for you.

Also i found this interesting site that i figured i would try out. It's call Prize rebel. You earn points for either referring people or completing referals and you can then exchange the points for gifts or money. Anyways i'm short on money and so insted of asking for money donations i was wondering if some of you people could sign up for the site through my referrals link and complete one add. This is donating to me by helping me get points to get stuff that i dont want to pay for and yet you dont have to pay any money. Just do 1 free advertisment thingy on there and your done. Thanks for helping so much. link is here

Note: Circle of Pain was built in AS3 so it will be pretty dificult to make a trainer for but i may be able to get one eventually. Also i did make a Pawn game trainer that worked for a little while but whatever company runs Pawn updates it way to much and so very quickly the trainer was stopped and i have just quit trying to make them.


Bleach Training 2 trainer : download here

Stickman sam 3 trainer: download here

so i haven't been posting much because of lack of requests of things to do.....so if anyone wants any hacks just comment. Anyway since i didn't have much to do i decided to make some more Flash Hacker Pro hacks.

Swords and Sandals 2: includes the FHG and FHP files for hacking your way through Swords and Sandals 2

Gods playing field: just made this cause like i said i had nothing much to do and this is a fun game
Swords and Sandals 2 download here

Gods playing field download here

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